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Drone Operations

One of the hottest new items on the market more security and private investigator companies as well as law enforcement and military organizations have turned to is drones. Drones are a new and safe way to gather intelligence, find lost people, conduct inspections, follow individuals covertly, and record incredible footage from a long distance away with the right equipment.

Soon we will offer classes that teach drone operations to staff that could gain from its use. The classes will be taught by FAA certified drone piolets who have experience flying drones. Classes will be taught on how to get FAA certified along with actual flight time to get use to the drone itself. We can also work with your staff one on one if necessary, to ensure they are ready to fly solo missions once they get certified. Our training will be online and in person, and we plan to offer several dates to help you get trained quickly. We will even do a special training for your organization upon request. Call us today for a free quote.

The best part about our training is that you get a FREE drone that is practical for todays use that you take home to practice with and keep. These drones will be GPS enabled, return to home feature, Wi-Fi capable, a minimum of a two axis gimble, follow me mode, and more. It will not be a cheap toy, rather a capable drone that your organization can use for some real missions.

Whether it’s perimeter patrol, search and rescue, or private missions, we will make sure you are up to date and ready to fly. Call us right now to discuss what we can do for your organization today at 478-461-4309. Make the call now!